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Breeders Syndicate Referral?!

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of ALL ages! From the farthest corners of The East Coast deep within New York's industrial waste depository weighing in at a whopping 137 lbs and towering to 5'1" it's X00I3! Hahaha what's up guys and gals! I felt gravitated towards this forum after listening to a podcast on the "Breeders Syndicate" YouTube channel. I really enjoyed that episode btw! Thank you @csi for taking the time to chat! Anyway... I'm somewhat of an og, been around for a few decades or so but I'm also new to these here parts. Figured this seemed like a good place to reach out and try to meet some other like-minded people. Teamwork makes the dream work! It doesn't seem like there's much traffic on here but hopefully that changes soon!


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