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Durban s1's flowering period

Hello. Im excited to be running some CSI outdoors here in Canada this year. Durb s1 and the GatorBait x2 packs.

I have a question about the Durb. How long is the flowering period roughly?

Im guessing between 8-10 weeks. Mel says his Durb is done by Sept. Im guessing this varietal is longer flowering than that.

Im looking for the black licorice/anise Durb.

Any info would be appreciated.

my beans made it super quick while buying in Canada thru https://breedersdirectseedco.com/index.php?tracking=6YO32bpx4Ox3SZClmAi6qoFIczFWgDLpI0SumZAsa1vRZbXN17EO5DmYUN9yJMtd.

Ordered it last Sunday aft. from Cali while in Ontario Canada, and took 7 working days total. package was in my mail today! i mailed shit to Alberta buying these and yet his still hasnt arrived yet. kudos on the super-fast delivery.

Hopefully I can get an idea of what flower length outdoors on this Durban Poison, is she running as an 8-9 wk plant, or will she go 10+ weeks.