‘Autobastard 1.0’

Recent innovations in Cannabis breeding include autoflowering and mutant seedlines.

‘Autobastard 1.0’ -the latest introduction from Hybri-Tech-, is the culmination of these two novel
mutations. ‘Autobastard 1.0’ is the world’s first ‘bastard’ weed X Autoflowering cannabis seedline,
and serves the purpose of stealth weed without the need to provide a short-day flowering trigger. This means the plants can be placed almost anywhere outdoors and will remain your secret! Without a doubt, ‘Autobastard 1.0’ is the most novel seedline available anywhere.

Arising from Hybri-Tech’s ‘Subterfuge”1’, -the world’s first ‘bastard weed’ seedline-, and the best-
performing Auto variety in the world,’Silverback AUTO’, the new ‘Autobastard 1.0’ is built on a strong
foundation. You can expect all the plants to be 100% autoflowering, 100% bastard-leafed and 100% great
secret cannabis!

height: 3-5 feet, depending on rootzone conditions
maturity: 90-110days from germination
yield: 300-500g
aroma:very much lemon\lime
germination: place seeds on potting mix, cover 1/2″ and wet thoroughly. Mist from a spray bottle for 2
weeks and wait. Do not paper towel, do not handle seeds after germination.

Enjoy! and havagoodone!
hyb, Hybri-Tech USA


10 Feminized Seeds per pack.