Triangle Kush x Bubba Kush~

The original Triangle Kush…straight from Florida, via Tha Docta (Archive Seed Bank), from Cornbread Ricky (Swamp boy Seeds)…a.k.a….The Original OG Kush before it ever became a California Celebrity…crossed to the original Bubba Kush from my boi Shabud (707 Seed Bank) who acquired the cut roundabout 2000 in SoCal…only a couple few years after Matt Burger & Josh D made the original Bubba Kush (Bubba x OG Kush) hybrid.

Triangle Kush terpenes dominate this awesome hybrid.

I recently found 28 packs worth of my own personal stash of these seeds and instead of hoarding them to myself I’m doing a final extremely limited release of these seeds…once these seeds are gone, they’re gone.  I will not be recreating any of these hybrids.

Flower time is 8 to 10 weeks…depending on phenotype and personal preference.

7 Feminized Seeds per pack.

Picture credit: Cornbread Bubba grown & photographed by Green Dot Labs @greendotlabs_dave