Hybri-Tech’s ‘Silverback AUTO’ is the result of extensive breeding, in Oregon, by the legendary breeder Hyb.  Originating from Archive Seeds’ GG4, the PNW clone ‘UW’, and Oregon super-outdoor clone ‘Jagermeister’.  (GG4xUWxJager)  ‘Silverback AUTO’ is an absolute resin bomb! You won’t believe the level of resin on ‘Silverback’ plants. This is a concentrate guy’s dream!

‘Silverback AUTO’ won the First Place FLOWERING award in Oregon at The Oregon Cannabis Grower’s Fair in Salem OR, August 2017. (Hyb won 2nd Place at that same event in the NON-FLOWERING category with a ‘Subterfuge #1’ ABC plant also.) Flowers are dense, large, and calyx to leaf ratio is vastly improved from any other AUTO seed line we have ever seen.  Hyb believes this is because of his unique seedline development process.

‘Silverback AUTO’ is FEMINIZED, so it is ready to go from germination to production in your facility.

Bred in Oregon at 45deg N Latitude, ‘Silverback AUTO’ is perfect for any placement in the world! Harvest is mid-August in NW Oregon.

Maturity: 90 days from germination

Height: Averages 4-5 feet OUTDOORS, 3-4 feet INDOORS

Yield is HIGH.

Resin level VERY HIGH

10 Feminized Seeds per pack.