Subterfuge#1 is the world’s first and only Australian Bastard Cannabis Improved Seed Variety. Through a 20 year journey in the hands of plant breeder hyb, ‘Subt1’ has finally emerged from the shadows and is being released for public use through Hybri-Tech.


‘Subterfuge #1’ is an extensive outcross program, that began as pure ABC seeds from Cannabis Culture in 1999. Since then, hyb has outcrossed and selected the population many times, to become the novel wonder it is today. 19 generations of breeding work at this writing, with more to come!


‘Subterfuge#1’ is so stealthy, nobody will suspect it is cannabis. This mutation holds true all the way to harvest day, unlike the novel variety ‘Ducksfoot’, which loses its novelty once flowering begins.


‘Subterfuge#1’ is Type 1 cannabis, meaning it is HIGH THC: LOW CBD, it carries all the typical cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids. Extracting the resin through various methods like water, dry siftin, etc, are all quite viable options too!



I hope you enjoy YOUR new journey with the craziest cannabis on Earth!


Thank you, havagoodone



10 Regular Seeds per pack