Humboldt Snow x Bubba Kush~

Humboldt Snow is one of the oldest cuts we have, acquired 20 years ago in Humboldt County, and still in the library.  It originally was brought to Humboldt in the mid 90’s from Eugene, Oregon, and is rumored to have been brought there from Florida…possibly one of the early Hashplants?  Crossed to Bubba Kush it creates some super Indica plants caked in frost that has quite the punch.

I recently found 13 packs worth of my own personal stash of these seeds and instead of hoarding them to myself I’m doing a final extremely limited release of these seeds…once these seeds are gone, they’re gone.  I will not be recreating any of these hybrids.

Flower time is 8 to 10 weeks…depending on phenotype & personal preference.