Hawaiian Lites F2 ~ Hawaiian Lites x Hawaiian Lites

Hawaiian Lites/Lights F2 reproduced Open Pollination style utilizing a combination of nearly 40 males and females…a CSI:Humboldt  & RIOT Seeds collaboration.

We present to you Hawaiian Lites.  In its brief appearance in the known cannabis world, tons of speculation and intrigue surround this line. What we do know about this line is that it comes directly from the Northern Lites/Lights Crew via Seattle Greg, the same gentleman who supplied Neville with his Northern Lights stock. We were told that it is NL #5/White Widow/Hawaiian Pineapple hybrid.  So we bring to you a faithful representation of an open pollination of Hawaiian Lites.  Matt Riot will also be releasing the F2 along with some amazing hybrids with the Hawaiian Lites at his website



12 Regular Seeds per Pack