Mendocino Purple x Bubba Kush~

I, Nspecta/CSI:Humboldt, originally made this hybrid in 2006 when I reversed the original Bubba Kush clone and pollinated the Mendocino Purple clone only.  In 2007 my good friend, Red Beard/Tigard Farms/CSI:Portland, sprouted a handful of these seeds and quickly found two keepers he coined “Obama Kush” and “George W. Kush”…the Obama clone soon became a favorite in the greater Pacific Northwest and has built a solid reputation as a quality top shelf cultivar wherever it has spread.

This hybrid sold out quite some time ago and is only available now because I opened up my personal stash to give folks one last chance to grow this amazing hybrid.  These are the last few packs I will be releasing as I do not remake any of my hybrids.

I highly recommend taking clones and pulling keepers from these iconic building block hybrids.


Flowering time: 7 to 9 weeks inside.  Early October outdoors.

7 Feminized Seeds per pack.


Picture Credit: Obama Kush (Mendocino Purple x Bubba Kush) grown by Red Beard/Tigard Farms…photo by Resinated Lens @resinated_lens