Pinks N Purps F2 Lot #1, 2, & 3 ~ Pinks N Purps Green, Pink/Lavender/Purple Females x Pinks N Purps Purple Males

Pinks N Purps is a complex hybrid of [(Mendo Purps x Killer Queen) x Hawaiian Indica]F2 x Afghani #1.

It was named Pinks N Purps because of its florescent Pink hairs it inherited from its Hawaiian grandmother and its Purple flowers it was gifted from its great great grandparent Mendo Purps.

The Pinks N Purps Combo Pack includes 3 packs of 11 seeds…for a near open pollination, utilizing roughly 100 purple, lavender, pink, & green females and 11 dark purple males.


Recommended for outdoor use for maximum enjoyment.  :)



3 Packs of 11 Regular Seeds per Pack…for a total of 33 Seeds.